ADEA Connect Training Agenda

Items in green are those slated for hands-on practice if time permits.

I.               Community Ambassadors on ADEA Connect

o   Roles:

§  Administrator / Ambassador

·       ADEA Section/SIG secretary position unless another person volunteered

§  Regular User

o   Overview

§  ADEA Connect Home page – personalized per user

·       Profile

o   My Profile

o   My Connections > Connections

o   My Contributions > My List of Contributions

o   My Account > Privacy Settings

o   My Inbox

·       All Communities vs My Communities

·       Directory

·       Browse

·       Participate

·       Help/FAQs    

§  Community Home page

·       Can You Help This Member? *

·       Search

o   Posts

§  Create a Post (regular vs topic community)

·       Cross-Post

·       Via Email

o   Real-time / Daily / Consolidated

·       Via ADEA Connect

o   Cancel / Save as Draft / Schedule /Send

§  Pin a post *

§  Remove a post / Mark as Inappropriate

§  Edit a post

§  Self-moderation: currently set to be sent 15 minutes after marked inappropriate (shortest and can be set up to every 4 hours or certain times (3) per day)

·       ADEA Staff will notify users that are moderated


o   Library

§  Pin items *

§  Add items

§  Create folders *

§  Move content from one folder to another *

§  Create link to folders/documents

o   Reports you can/should run *

o   Events

o   Types of replies

§  @mentions

I.               Getting help

o   Getting Started With ADEA Connect

o   FAQs

o   How-To Videos, etc.

o   Most Common Tasks

o   Feedback

*This function can only be performed by an ambassador/administrator


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