New Library Redesign Overview

Our community library pages underwent a redesign in August to give files a more modern look and to offer a more functional user experience. I have some of the highlights of the changes below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at   Read about the new library views below or check out the introductory video.

Card Format, Preview, & File Type Icons
The new library format utilizes an interactive card design to provide a new way to browse library files. Users will have the ability to see the details of a resource without opening a new page and there have been improvements on the preview experience for PDFs, images, videos and other file types. You can click on the file preview to view the file in a full-screen mode or if it is a video file you can click the square brackets icon ( [  ] ) next to the volume icon to launch the full-screen video. You will also see icons that indicate if the file is a PDF, Word Document, Video, etc.

File preview large

Top Viewed Files
There is a featured file carousel at the top of the list of library entries that  features pinned files and the top viewed files in that library.
Recent File View

Folder View
To view folders, you will need to click on the folder icon on the top left-hand side to browse select folders, and you can click the 'X' next to Current Folder to clear your selection. In order to have more room on your screen, you can click on the X in the folder view to close that panel to give you more space to read the file's preview information.

Folder Preview

Introductory Video

Check out this video to get more details about the new redesigned library.  The table of contents allows you to quickly jump to specific sections of the approximate 6 minute video.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Folder View Overview  0:57
  • Card View Overview  2:39
  • Administrator View Overview  3:43
  • Questions  5:52